Speakers / Conferenţiarii

Michal Gawlikowski

“The Mithraeum at Hawarte in Syria”


Alexandra Ratzlaff

“The Caesarea Mithraeum”


Lucinda Dirven, Matthew McCarty

“The Mithraeum at Dura-Europos: Glocalizing a Cult”


Mariana Egri, Matthew McCarty, Aurel Rustoiu

“Apulum Mithraeum III”


Beatrice Ciută, Georgeta El-Susi

“Reconstructing ancient diet: the case of the Mithraeum III in Apulum (Alba Iulia, Romania)”


Gabriel Sicoe



Mojca Vomer Gojkovič

“Mithraism in Slovenia and the Mithraea of Poetovio”


Nataša Kolar

“Ptuj Mithraea in the Archives”


Massimiliano David

“The Newly Discovered Mithraeum of the Multicolored Marbles at Ostia”


Francesco Sirano



Attilio Mastrocinque

“Mithras in Tarquinia”


Marleen Martens

“Reconstructing cult practices and events from the finds and features evidence of the mithraeum of Tienen (Belgium)”


François Wiblé



Jean Brodeur



Regula Ackermann, Sabine Deschler, Sarah Lo Russo

“The Mithraeum at Kempraten (Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland): The Interdisciplinary Analysis Project and Initial Results”


Andreas Hensen



Martin Henig, Penny Coombe

“The Inveresk Mithraic Altars in Context”


Philippe Chapon

“La découverte d’un mithræum à Mariana”


Paula Zsidi, Péter Vámos



Discussants: Sorin Nemeti, Steven Hijmans, Ian Haynes